Candela Sorelle (n, Italian): candle sisters. Two inspired artisans sharing a strong family bond, a desire to create and a love of truly beautiful things – especially those simple things in life.

Each Candela Sorelle candle is individually hand poured in our leafy and serene Brisbane workshop. Our candles feature 100 per cent natural vegetable soy wax made from non-genetically modified pure soybean oil. Soy is renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our candles are free of palm wax, paraffin, petroleum products and toxins that may be found in other traditional candles.

This premium soy wax burns slowly and cleanly, and using it enables us to include a high fragrance load for maximum scent throw. There is a deep connection between the sense of smell and our emotions. Aromas have a way of transporting us to another place and connecting us to long-forgotten memories and feelings. We hope your chosen Candela Sorelle scents (be it via fragrance oils in our standard candle range or through the 100 per cent pure essential oils in our melts and massage candles) connect you to wonderful memories – or are part of the formation of fabulous new ones.

A signature of Candela Sorelle soy candles is the unique wood wick. Wood wicks create an amazing ambience. They offer a wide flame and produce a soothing crackling sound similar to an open log fire.

Why do we do what we do? Because it’s the simple things – like candlelight dancing around a darkened room and the relaxing sounds and alluring scents from Candela Sorelle soy candles – that are what makes this sometimes crazy-busy life, the best.