frequently asked questions

crucial first burn

We can’t stress to you enough the importance of the first burn. When you light your candle for the first time, let it burn long enough that the melted wax pool extends right to the edge of the jar. Container candles have a ‘memory’ and if you don’t allow your candle to burn to the jar’s edge on the first burn, every subsequent burn will see the melted wax pool ‘tunnel’ down the wick rather than burn evenly out to the jar’s edge. Your wick will eventually drown in wax and will not stay lit.

why choose soy?

Candela Sorelle candles feature 100 per cent natural vegetable soy wax made from non-genetically modified pure soybean oil. Soy is renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Our candles are free of palm wax, paraffin, petroleum products and toxins that may be found in other traditional candles. We choose a premium soy wax that burns slowly and, with the wick trimmed before each use, our candles also burn cleanly. Using this premium soy wax enables us to include a high fragrance load for maximum scent throw.

what’s a wood wick?

A signature of Candela Sorelle soy candles is the unique wood wick. Wood wicks create an amazing ambience. They offer a wide flame and produce a soothing crackling sound similar to an open log fire. Keep the wick trimmed to 3mm to minimise flame height, reduce smoke and extend the life of your candle. Trim the wick before each use simply by pinching the blackened wick with your fingers. Keep the wax free of wick trimmings.

candle care

Place your burning candle on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface. Avoid exposure to drafts and combustible material such as curtains, books, newspaper, magazines, dried flowers and wicker baskets. Keep out of reach of inquisitive children and crazy pets. Never try to move a burning candle. Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Keep your candle in a cool dry place out of heat and direct sunlight. Sweating may occur – this is a normal characteristic of this natural soy wax product and does not impact on the candle’s performance in any way.

This is called ‘sweating’. We know, it sounds gross hey? Conjures up thoughts of hairy people on public transport. But rest assured, it’s a normal characteristic of this natural soy wax product. Sweating does not impact the candle’s performance in any way and you do not need to wipe the liquid away before burning. You will find that this liquid, which is in fact fragrance oil, will melt back into the wax on the next burn.

Wick trimming is essential before every burn. You don’t need scissors or a special tool – simply pinch the blackened end off with your fingertips. Ensure no wick trimmings are left on the wax. Keep the wood wick trimmed to 3mm to minimise flame height, reduce smoke and extend the life of your candle.

Does the melted wax pool extend right to the jar edge or is there a build up of hard wax around the edge of your jar? When burning your candle, does the melted wax seem to tunnel down the wick rather than melt evenly out to jar’s edge? The main reason a wick won’t stay lit is because the candle was not burnt correctly on the first burn. Contact us via email or phone to find out how to rectify this.

No, not at all. It probably means you need to remember to trim your wick to 3mm before each burn. When your candle has cooled and the wax is hard, simply wipe the inside of the jar with dry paper towel and it will look like new again.

Burn time is the average total length of time that your candle will burn for before the wax runs out. Our standard Candela Sorelle candles hold about 300g of wax and the average burn time for a candle this size is around 70 hours. However, burn time will depend on whether you keep your wick trimmed and other factors. You should not burn your candles for more than about four hours at any one time.

massage candles

Candela Sorelle’s individually hand poured massage candles offer a totally natural, luxuriously warm massage and moisturising experience. Different to our core range of candles that are scented by premium fragrance oils, our massage candles are scented by 100 per cent pure essential oils.

Our massage candles are made of all-natural soy wax, organic shea butter, sweet almond oil and 100 per cent pure essential oils. The ingredients are all natural and, in some cases, organic.

To use, simply light the candle so a sufficient wax pool forms. Extinguish the flame and allow the melted wax to cool somewhat before dipping your finger into the wax or pouring it out of the container. The natural soy wax in our massage candles has a low melting point so don’t worry – it won’t be too hot. Massage the warm wax into your skin and enjoy. Actually, no, get someone else to massage the warm wax into your skin for you!

We work closely with qualified aromatherapists and select our essential oils for their therapeutic benefits. For instance, our lavender-based massage candle relieves stress, eases exhaustion and promotes relaxation – isn’t that what a great massage is all about? Please see the ‘Scents’ page of this website for more info about these oils and their therapeutic properties.

shipping and delivery

We offer a flat rate of $10 postage per order for deliveries anywhere in Australia. However, if you spend more than $75 in the one transaction, postage is free.

Yes we do! Simply order more than $75 worth of Candela Sorelle product in the one transaction and we’ll pick up the postage cost for you.

When you spend $100 or more in the one transaction (*excluding subscription purchases), we’ll cover the cost of your postage anywhere in Australia AND we will also throw in a free gift. We know, we are awesome ;)