The nose knows

Did you know, there is scientific proof for how certain smells can bring back long-lost memories? You’re guaranteed to have experienced this before. Think about when you’ve walked past someone in a crowd, and for no reason you start to think about someone special from your past who wore the same perfume or aftershave. Remember being a kid and lusting after your grandma’s chocolate cake baking in the oven, or your mum’s pikelets cooking in the frypan after school? Have you ever been taken back to your childhood days when whipping up afternoon tea, decades on?

In technical terms, the olfactory nerve is located very close to the amygdala – the area of the brain that is connected to the experience of emotion as well as emotional memory. In addition, the olfactory nerve is very close to the hippocampus, which is associated with memory. The actual ability to smell is highly linked to memory. Research has shown that when areas of the brain connected to memory are damaged, the ability to identify smells is actually impaired. In order to identify a scent, you must remember when you have smelled it before and then connect it to visual information that occurred at the same time.

That’s why fragrant candles, like ours, are the perfect accompaniment to any special event. Want to make your wedding day even more memorable? Set the mood with fragrant candles at the wedding and on guests’  tables at the reception, and then cleverly gift your guests a mini version of that same candle as a wedding bomboniere pressie. Every time they light that candle, they’ll be taken back to your special day. The same goes for corporate events. Have fragrant candles burning at your venue and then present your attendees with mini candles in your gift bags. With a personalised label featuring your business logo, your brand awareness has never been greater than when those guests burn their candles!

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